Regional BBQ

G'day everyone,
We still need some help on setting a location for the start of our regional bbq's that we need to run before the weather turns sour on us.

Please if anyone has some suggestions about which towns and or places to have a bbq while we all have a catch up and run through the meaties website.

Most of you guys are probably familiar with the site or have at least seen it, but there are more than likely people you work with or other meat workers in your area who either:
• Don't have a computer at home
• Are not really up to speed with the use of computers (yet)
• Do not have access to computers at work
• Or work for a company that I have not been to yet and therefore do not know that the website exists
To help make sure we can continue to support all of our HSRs as best as we possibly can now and into the future we all need to work together and support each other especially in smaller communities not just the bigger towns and cities.

By having these bbq's and information sessions we can help all of you to build your own networks of people who can join together for assistance in regional areas to strengthen your positions within your own workplaces.

Even if not all of the attendees are meat workers we can help let everyone present know that OHS is a very important part of how the community functions as a whole.

Hoping to hear from you soon


Evert Van Der Steeg
m: 0409 803 047
p: 03 9662 3766
f: 03 9662 9549