Making your comments on meatiesohs website

Due to several phone calls to Gwynnyth and me we thought it best we send out some info on how to make your comments, share your experiences with other Health & Safety Representatives or ask questions. These can then be read under Your Say. The first thing you must do is to Log In on the site
Why do I need to log in?

Q. How do I log in?

A. Before you can, you must be registered

Q. Why do I need to register?

A. The reason we have a registration system is so we can make sure that anyone who puts stories, answers or replies in the ‘Your say’ section are really who they say they are.

Q. How do I register?

A. On the home page of you will see a ‘button’ under the paintings in the banner called “REGISTER”, click on this button with your mouse.
Follow the instructions filling all the boxes on the page and then click on submit.

Within a day or two one of the site administrators will send you an email with your ‘log in’ details and password.

Your must get your username and password through the website from the administrators, after you have done this you can change your password only, your username must stay the same.

Logging on:
Q. How do I log on?

A. Go to; in the home page go the button under the banner called ‘LOG IN’ click on this with your mouse.

Enter the username and password that was emailed to you by one of the website administrators in the correct boxes and then click Log In.

Click on Your Say; then click on one of the Forum Topic headings; read other comments and you can “Add new comment” or “reply”. This gives you the opportunity to tell your stories and increase your network of Health and Safety Reps.

I understand that some people are not overly comfortable with computers or do not have access to the internet at home or work; if you still want to put something on the site then you can call me to meet up with you and I will assist you to do it (I have a laptop and wireless internet).

We need people to learn how to use this function ASAP as Worksafe may not fund this role forever.

BACK to work!

The Return2Work unit of Trades Hall is running a FREE forum about workplace back injuries and returning to work after muscle stress or strain injury.

It will be held at:

Trades Hall
Cnr Victoria and Lygon Sts Carlton South, Vic 3053

Tuesday 3rd March 2009
At 9:30am – 12:30 pm

If you want to attend you need to RSVP by the 27th Feb by calling (03) 9659 3511 or emailing:
Forum Program:
1. The causes: An OHS perspective
2. The issues: Discussion of workplace issues in different work environments
3. Some strategies: Strategies that are designed to assist workers returning to work after a workplace back stress and or strain injury

Each session will be followed by questions and answers with food and drinks being provided.

Your boss may not have to let you go, but they can. If they claim that they are “Pro-active” or that “Safety and worker health is a priority” than they should allow you to attend and pay you for the day because being an HSR allows you to represent injured workers with their return to work programs when a worker wants you to.

You should also tell any of your members who have back injuries about the day. If they are not back at work yet, it could be helpful for them to attend.

If you are having trouble with Return to Work issues the meat industry has their own field officer on the Return2work unit and his name is Martin Neal.

Martin is very helpful as some of you will already be aware of and those who have not yet met or spoken with Martin should definitely contact him by ringing Gwynnyth Evans at the AMIEU and we will give you contact with him.



Evert Van Der Steeg
m: 0409 803 047
p: 03 9662 3766
f: 03 9662 9549