Workers Hand Amputated in Meat Factory Accident UK

February 11th, 2011

A meat worker had to have his left hand amputated, after it became trapped in a meat processing machine, during a horrific work accident.

James Hardcastle from Kendray, in Barnsley was feeding meat into the machine, at Cranswick Convenience Foods, on the Valley Park Industrial Estate in Wombwell, when his arm got dragged into the mechanism, which contained two sets of rotating blades. Mr. Hardcastle was trapped in the machine for almost ten minutes, his injuries being so severe that surgeons had to amputate his left hand.

Following an investigation into the incident, it was revealed that a supervisor at the company had blocked a safety sensor with the blade of a butcher’s knife, to speed up the processing operation. The supervisor involved has since lost his job at the company.

Studleigh-Royd Ltd, based in Hull and the parent company of Cranswick Convenience foods, was fined £8,000 because of the accident involving Mr. Hardcastle and a further £6,000 for an incident involving another employee, who severed the tips of two fingers in a similar accident just a few weeks later.

An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stated that the guarding of potentially dangerous machines was of paramount importance at all times.

A spokesperson for the firm said that the company did not compromise safety for profits, adding that with the co-operation of the HSE more stringent safety measures had been introduced.