WorkCover Weekly Payments Go Up

Workers who are injured and claim workers' compensation 'WorkCover'  receive weekly payments and medical and like expenses. As of 5th April 2010 there have been changes to weekly payments.

Weekly payments Previous law New Law Starting from
Weekly payment rate after a worker has received weekly payments for longer than 13 weeks 75% of pre-injury income 80% of pre-injury income As of 5 April 2010, all claimants, whether new or exisiting claims
Maximum that is possible for weekly payments $1,300 Twice Victoria’s average weekly earnings, currently $1,760 Workers who make a claim on or after 5 April 2010
Period for which overtime and shift allowances are taken into account in the calculation of weekly payments for workers entitled to these allowances 26 weeks 52 weeks Workers who make a claim on or after 5 April 2010
 If you are completely off work the employer does not have to pay the 9% Superannuation
Superannuation contributions at the superannuation guarantee rate of 9% will be paid into a superannuation fund for workers who continue to receive weekly payments after 52 weeks. Workers who sustain an injury on or after 5 April 2010

The weekly payments for the first 13 weeks are still the same as they have been, that is 95% of your pre injury average weekly payments.