Send protest to the Canadian government on Canada Day, 1 July

This Friday, 1 July, is Canada Day.

The Canadian Government continues to support the export of asbestos to developing countries - effectively exporting death and disease to hundreds of thousands of workers, their families and their communities. 

Last week the Canadian Government was responsible for blocking the listing of chrysotile asbestos to the Prior Informed Consent list under the Rotterdam Convention – had it been listed, then any exporting countries would have been required to advise any importing country of the hazards of the product.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is spending millions ridding its own public buildings - including the Prime Minister's official residence - of this deadly substance. 

Take action now - it only takes a minute
Go to the Rights at Work website for more information and to send an email to the Canadian Prime Minister urging him to stop exporting asbestos. 

June 30, 2011