New YourSay forum

In May 2008 we launched this website. We get lots of hits every day and have had positive feedback from quite a few of you. About half of you have registered to make comments in ‘Your Say’ but many of you have not put any questions or comments on here. I’ve spoken to some of you and you’ve told me things like:

  1. I don’t feel comfortable putting comments where it is open to everybody to see it – I’d be much happier if I knew that only HSRs/delegates could see it.
  2. What I can put on there is too restricted, I’d like to put more general comments about health and safety.
  3. I’d rather use something like Facebook where we can directly talk with other reps and use pictures and things like that. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well we’ve listened to you and have had ‘Your Say’ changed so it is more like Facebook. If you had registered in the old version of YourSay your new username & password will have been be emailed to you already. If you have not received them you need to register or contact the union office. Visit YourSay NOW. Click on Your Say What you can do in the new YourSay: First you need to log in with your username & password. There are many ways to start navigating YourSay. The easiest way is to go to Tools and then click Activity. This shows you a list of news items written by other people. You can click on items and read them, and you can also add your comments. You can also go to Tools and then click The Wire. This shows you the latest messages posted as instant news by other people. Again you can write comments. If you want to publish your own news you can go to Tools and then go to Blog. You can just start publishing your Blog from there. You can also write your own news items by going to Tools and then Pages. From there you can write a New Page. You can place a picture in your page by clicking on Embed / Upload media. There is also a message icon that you can use to send and receive messages with people you have listed as Friends. You can change your name, password, email address, and any contact details you want to share, by going to Settings. Finally you can edit your Profile and upload your own picture so people can see who you are. Please note that everything you do on YourSay has three possible Access settings: Private (only you can see it), Friends (only people you have listed as friends can see it), or Logged in users (everyone who visits the site can see it). You should always choose Logged in users in the Access settings or other people won’t be able to see what you are writing. Everything you do also has Write Access settings. You should always choose Private in the Write Access settings or other people will be able to change what you have written. Access and Write Access settings are very important and if something is not showing it is usually because people have selected the wrong settings. There is no filtering, so anything you Save is published immediately. When you publish something, you can select a category so other people know what topic you are writing about. Remember always Log out when you have finished. Please note that the whole site is private: it is only accessible to people who are registered through the union, but AMIEU admin people can always see what everyone is doing. Anything that is posted that is against union policy (such as racist, sexist or offensive material) will be deleted and people who posted it can be banned from the site. If you see inappropriate content you can report it. We hope that you will enjoy using the new YourSay. Try it out and send in your comments so we will keep improving it. Please, Please, Please The other issue that has been raised about using the website was that “it is too difficult to use. I need to have some training before I can feel comfortable putting anything on there myself.” I am currently developing one day training to help with this. I need information from you to make sure that the training is useful. In April I wrote to you and asked you to fill in survey. Some of you have filled in the survey and sent it back, but I need more responses, so I’m attaching another copy of the survey and a return envelope. If you haven’t done it already please fill it in and send it back. Please let me know whether you think that the new YourSay will be more use. In solidarity Gwynnyth Evans Health & Safety Officer