I need your comments about Bandsaws

5 November 2010


I need your help

WorkSafe Victoria has developed a Draft Guidance Note on Safety and Meat Bandsaws. They have asked for our comments. The reality is that those of you who deal with bandsaws every day will be able to tell me whether WorkSafe’s proposals will work or won’t.

There are a number of recommended controls, such as the hinged (spring return) guard and the four bladed band saw with the frozen product being fed  by air activation that I am not at all familiar with. Do any of you know them? Can anybody tell me where to go and see these bandsaws?

I need you to look at their draft and decide what you think. Is it good? Does something proposed make no sense? Have they missed out important controls? Tell me what you think of it. Then I’ll write our submission.

It is important that my comments reflect your interests because you are the people who are affected by the content of their Guidance Notes. They listened to what we said about Safe Handling of Goats so we should make sure that they know what we think about bandsaws.

Their draft is attached click on here.

It was good to see some of you at the Health and Safety Reps Conference last week. In the afternoon some of you attended the workshop on Bullying, others came to our Union workshop. At our workshop we talked specifically about the issue of Return to Work for injured workers and how health and safety reps can be involved in making sure that the RTW works.

Gwynnyth Evans
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