EJ joins the Army

To all Health and Safety Representatives in the Meat Industry

As you will know the AMIEU has employed EJ as a Support Officer for you since January 2008. He has been a valuable asset to all of us. He has, however taken a new direction in his life and has joined the Army, so we cannot call on him now.

However, YOU CAN STILL CALL ON THE AMIEU FOR SUPPORT with your role as a Health and Safety Representative. Right now, if you need support you should call on your Organiser.

We will keep the website up to date and respond to any emails that are sent to EJ, they will come to me now. We will also send out semi-regular Newsletters. See the July 2010 Newsletter.

One of the changes that we had planned for 2010 was to use more videos and to produce more material with people talking in a range of different languages.

We will be proceeding down this path so check out meatiesohs.org and vic.amieu.net regularly.

Health & Safety Officer