Cancers at Samsung

On March 31, 2010, Park Ji-yeon — a young worker from Samsung’s Onyang semiconductor factory — died of leukemia at age 23. Her tragic death came less than one month after Samsung workers, their families, and community supporters participated in the 1st Memorial Week of occupational deaths of semiconductor workers to honor the memory of the many other workers who gave their lives working at Samsung. There are now 23 documented cases of Samsung workers who have suffered from blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma, and 9 workers among them have already died.

Samsung workers with cancer, their families and supporters have launched a new website to focus global attention on the growing occupational health crisis and Samsung's refusal to accept responsibility. Their web site presents a compelling case for why those of us who depend on our cell phones, our TVs, our computers, and other high-tech things that now dominate our lives should care about the people – mostly young women – who make them. You can register your support for this campaign on this new site.

Sign the petition to support the Samsung workers, go to the petition site

We use computers, our TVs and other high-tech gadgets; we should care about those who make them. You can register your support for this campaing on this new site.

stop samsung – no more deaths!