AMIEU's July Health & Safety Rep's Newsletter


Most of you will already know that EJ has left us and joined the army. I’m sure that you will all join the Committee of Management in wishing EJ all the best. The AMIEU continues to support Health and Safety Reps.

Since your last newsletter there have been a number of developments in the workers’ compensation end of things. Check out the AMIEU websites to find out the changes to weekly payments and return to work.


We need to know, what is your experience? Have things gotten better or worse since the last time we sent a survey to Health & Safety Reps? Has communication with WorkSafe Inspectors improved? Are employers truly consulting; responding to issues that you raise; improving health and safety in your workplace?  What are the hazards that you are finding? Are your rights as Health & Safety Reps recognised?

Please fill out the survey attached to this newsletter and return it in the reply paid envelope. It won’t take that long, mostly it is putting a circle around a Yes or No.


WorkSafe Victoria is producing guidance on the safe handling of goats. A draft document has been sent to the Union for comment. A number of the abattoirs are processing goats in recent times. If you have experience in dealing with goats we’d like to hear your opinion of the risks and controls. So please contact your Organiser or me and give us your input. This way we will try to ensure that WorkSafe produces really useful guidance material.

Gwynnyth Evans
Health & Safety/WorkCover Officer
Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union
Phone: 03 9662 3766
Fax: 03 9662 9549

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