Food safety and worker health and safety at serious risk in US poultry plants

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report critical of the USDA proposal to remove federal inspectors from the line at poultry processing plants and to double permissible line speeds to 175 birds per minute.

Safe food from safe workplaces: protecting meat and poultry processing workers

Over a century ago, Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle exposed the dehumanizing labor conditions and unsanitary environment of the meatpacking industry. These hazards involved in slaughtering and processing meat and poultry for our food supply are well known and predictable.  Solutions that prevent these harms are feasible.

Risking life and limb to feed the nation

Reprinted from the Sunday Age
Date: January 30 2011
Ruth Williams

The death of 17 year old meatworker Sharga Tait was another black mark in the grim safety record of Victoria's abattoirs.

BEFORE dawn one Friday late last year, a 32-year-old abattoir worker was cleaning a knocking-box at the Tabro Meat site near Wonthaggi. Somehow the machine controlling the box, which restrains cows so they can be stunned then slaughtered, started up.

The man was crushed.

There really are no accidents - Prevent Inuries

Take a look at Canadian Public Service Announcements from These are gut-wrenching videos to get a point across. These horror stories could be prevented if health and safety is taken seriously.

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